On this page, you can find resources for this website:  worksheets, transcripts of the cases, links to other useful websites, and references.




Idioms (.pdf)

Alcohol case (.pdf)

Department of Health - Victoria

Health idioms (.pdf)

Depression case (.pdf)

Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria

Vocabulary (.pdf)

Sexual history case (.pdf)

Melbourne University – Medical Education Unit

Alcohol terms (.pdf)

Back pain case (.pdf)

National Health and Medical Research Council

Multiword verbs (.pdf)

Depression monologue (.pdf)

Health Insite



Beyond Blue

Activities checklist (.doc)


The Black Dog Institute

Calgary-Cambridge Guide (.pdf)  


CaLF framework (.pdf)  


AUDIT - World Health Organization (.pdf)  


Standard Drinks (.pdf)








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Silverman JD, Kurtz SM, Draper J (2005) Skills for Communicating with Patients, 2nd edition. Radcliffe Medical Press (Oxford)

Woodward-Kron R, Stevens M, Flynn E. (2011) The medical educator, the discourse analyst, and the phonetician: A collaborative feedback methodology for clinical communication. Acad Med. 85:565-570.