Let me ask you straight

AIM: To learn the meaning of some common idiomatic words and phrases.

INTRODUCTION: The idiomatic phrases in the box are taken from the case about depression. Check you know what they mean by doing this activity.

INSTRUCTIONS: Drag and drop the phrases from the box below to replace the underlined word(s) in each sentence, keeping the meaning the same.

I had the same problem recently as well – sick and dizzy with a headache.
I guess I’ve been taking more painkillers than usual but I haven’t been recording the exact quantity.
I’m going to ask you a direct question: have you thought about taking your own life?
Alex and Chris used to be in a relationship but they split up when they finished university.
I haven’t been good company since I started my new job – it’s taken over my life.
I’ve tried to manage on my own but I can’t do it any longer.
She often blames her job when she feels tired.
Patient: I suppose I’ve been under a lot of pressure recently. Doctor: All right.
Doctor: You must be feeling lonely. Patient: That’s right.

Please answer every question before continuing.

FOLLOW-UP: Watch the video again and note any other phrases you don't know. Make a note of them and how they are used on the idioms template.